Plateau Photographers

Plateau Photographers is a participatory photography project that trains minority students in western China.

Our Mission

  • To train photographers in camera, media, and technology skills 
  • To provide self-representation for project members and their communities through locally managed archiving and exhibition efforts
  • To present information and knowledge about Plateau communities to a larger audience
  • To attract interest in and support for locally-managed development projects

Project Open Source/Open Access (POSOA)

The University of Toronto's Project Open Source/Open Access (POSOA) has supported the development of some components of this site over, under the direction of Frances Garrett. In a POSOA-sponsored project entitled "OS/OA Geospatial Information Management for Collaborative Research Teams," University of Toronto undergraduate student Matt Zito contributed images of cultural sites in Xining. For this project, Zito studied the availability to humanities and social science research teams of OS/OA tools and methods for managing and organizing place-based information.