Jahzong - Tibetan Tribal Leader


This novel, in English and Tibetan, is set on the eastern Tibetan Plateau in the era prior to 1949. It traces the life of a young man, Jahzong, from his dramatic childhood, following him in his struggles to unite local warring tribes and bring peace to his people.

 "An electrifying, revelatory experience. In it, we learn much about the lives of Tibetan tribal groups that cannot be found in any academic treatise." Victor H. Mair, Professor, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

 "A rare insight into an intriguing world of violence and compassion that has all but disappeared." Fernanda Pirie, Oxford University

 "A treasure. A window to the past and present of a dynamic Tibetan culture. A story full of life flowing with harsh reality and vivid imagination." Douglas Duckworth, Florida State University

"Ethnographic and immediate, Guru's novel brings readers into a world of Eastern Tibetans generations ago. The spell-binding chain of events echoes the dynamics of traditional heroic epic and folktale." Mark Bender, The Ohio State University


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Jahzong - Tibetan Tribal Leader

TitleJahzong - Tibetan Tribal Leader
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